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Personalized Job Search Coaching For People Above 50

How to find a job if you are above 50?

Looking for a job when you are above 50 is completely different from when you were younger, more so if your job was impacted. While you surely have great accomplishments to talk about, you will find fewer companies wanting to hire you as hiring younger candidates is cheaper for them. 

Job Search at this age requires not only the knowledge of how and where to look for jobs but also how to compete with younger talent and handle hidden age discrimination during the hiring process and interviews.

Also, there is no "One size fit all" approach. You are different and therefore your job search strategies will need to be different.

The Old Way

  • Keep applying on job platforms and LinkedIn and hope to get a job magically.....

  • Network with the few people you know and not get anywhere.....

  • Do these with NO help and with no strategy.....

  • Give up in desperation or settle for whatever job you manage to get.....

The New Way

  • Follow the process that “WORKS” and does not waste your time applying and getting rejected on job platforms!

  • Turn your worries and lack of success into unstoppable confidence with my help!

  • Let me show you how to leverage the hidden job channels and directly reach out to the “Decision-makers” using the right “Networking process”!

  • Use MY cutting-edge techniques to search for jobs!

  • Companies do hire experienced professionals. Let me show you how to brand yourself before and during the interview and negotiate for the right offer!

  • Get your desired job FASTER

Coaching is customized for YOU and is offered strictly based on YOUR specific need out of a basket of solutions available

Free Consultation

A 30 minutes Free No-Obligation Consultation is the first step to understanding your unique situation. 

This will help determine if you would need or benefit from my coaching and if yes, in what areas

Identifying best job search channels 

Depending upon your occupation, role, level, interests, and skills, the best methods and platforms to find jobs and network will be recommended.

Remember more than 70% of the jobs are not even advertised or found on regular job boards.

Handling interviews

In today's environment, most of the interviews are on video and depending upon your looks, words etc. you may fall victim to age discrimination. Guidance towards how to look, body language, what to say is critical to advance in the process.


Job Search is a job in itself. We teach you how to create and maintain the right habits and follow processes on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated to get to your goals leading up to the final outcome of finding a suitable job.

Personal Branding

This involves creating your Value Proposition and collateral to showcase your brand - examples Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and optimizing it to improve recruiter response and reduce age discrimination

Marketing yourself

This is the most critical aspect of the search strategy, more so for 50 plus as 80% of positions are filled based on how you market.

Guidance around the most effective ways to network (who, how and messaging) will be provided.


Preparing with the right strategies to ensure you do not end up getting a smaller role or lower salary is important. 

Guidance towards best ways to do advance research and presenting your case appropriately is therefore critical.

Removing anxieties

Loss of financial security can be worrisome.

We teach you techniques to keep your anxieties at bay, manage your stress and build your confidence


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