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What does it take for a person above 50 to find a job?

If you just lost your job, you will notice that you have too many questions about the future.

Maybe you are already experiencing challenges in figuring out what to do and why things are not working in your favor OR you might be just getting started

Regardless, it might be important to be AWARE of the landscape so that you are better prepared  in your Job Search

Things to be Aware of

Time to find the next job

Importance of Branding yourself

Not knowing Where and How to look for Jobs

Unless you are lucky and were actively looking before you were pushed out, finding the next job could take months which can be stress inducing given the financial and emotional impact job loss has. 

Per studies, it might sometimes take one month for every $10000 of annual salary.

Ask yourself:

Can you afford to wait for a long time to find your next job?

Most people did not have to think of creating their brand through a Resume or LinkedIn Profile and marketing it on the right platforms while they were working.

Without it, their applications are likely to be rejected 90% of the time.

Ask yourself:


Do you know what type of resume and Linkedin profile will help you appear in a recruiter search? 


Most people do not have job-hunting skills and apply for jobs through job boards

Per studies, 80% of the jobs are filled through other means such as Social Media, Networking, and Referrals which they do not know how to leverage.

Ask Yourself:


Do you know what job searching methods are the best?

Dealing with Age Discrimination

Age discrimination whether intentional or unintentional takes many shapes during the hiring process and impacts your chances.

Most people do not know how to prepare to counter this, compete with younger candidates and turn their past experience into an advantage.

Ask Yourself:


Do you know how to counter Age Discrimination in the Job Search process?

Ending up with Worse Job, Lower Salary

Dealing with Anxieties and Remaining Motivated 


Looking for full-time work when you are in your 50s and 60s is rough.

Not knowing how to find the right job and the frustration associated with it can cause people to settle for a replacement job which is a whole lot worse than the earlier job and lower paying. 

Ask yourself:


Do you know how to ensure you don't have to compromise on role and compensation?

Coping with job loss is difficult. For many people, there’s a shame involved in losing a job and not having work. 

Also searching for a job and the frustration of not getting responses leading to feeling of financial insecurity are issues that most are not equipped to handle.

Ask Yourself:


Do you know how to create and follow a routine to stay motivated?

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