Ready To Find Your Dream Job And Career? You Are In The Right Place

Hello, I’m Kaushik Nag. I specialize in helping individuals find jobs when they’re unsure how to start, and guiding them towards their dream careers. In just a moment, you’ll discover how I can assist you.

But first, does any of this sound familiar?

  • Job Elimination: Just found out your job is being cut? If you’ve been with your company for years without ever needing a resume, starting from scratch can feel daunting.
  • Stuck in a Dead-end Job: Feeling undervalued and see no opportunities for advancement or challenges on the horizon? It’s frustrating to be in a position that doesn’t recognize your worth.
  • New Graduates or Career Changers: Are you a recent graduate entering the job market, or looking to shift careers? It can be intimidating to convey your value to potential employers when your experience seems insufficient.

Now, you’ve reached out to friends and googled for solutions. Maybe you’ve set up profiles on job boards and started applying for openings across platforms like LinkedIn.

  • Your applications seem to vanish without any substantial feedback.
  • Responses you do get occasionally label you as “overqualified” or lacking relevant experience.
  • Networking attempts haven’t turned up new leads.
  • Hours of job searching daily aren’t translating into job offers.
  • You’re left questioning everything from your resume’s effectiveness to your LinkedIn profile’s appeal.
  • Is your resume even reaching recruiters, or is it lost in automated tracking systems?
  • Does your LinkedIn profile capture the right attention?
  • Are your resumes and LinkedIn aligned correctly?
  • Are you searching for jobs using the most effective keywords?
  • How can you discover unadvertised jobs?
  • What strategies can help you network effectively and quickly?
  • Should you consider different industries, company sizes, or job titles?
  • How can you adapt your interviewing techniques to progress beyond initial rounds?
  • How should you respond to being seen as over or underqualified?
  • How can you convincingly present your value in interviews?
  • How do you determine if a job’s culture fits you?
  • What are the best ways to negotiate job offers?

And also..

  • What if your job search takes longer than anticipated?
  • How should you manage your finances during this period?
  • What new skills can you acquire or experiences can you gain now?
  • How do you manage the inevitable frustration?
  • What are your other options and where can you find reliable information on them?

If so, it’s likely because you lack a defined strategy and plan.

Despite your best efforts, the lack of results is not only frustrating but worrying. You’re ready to return to a fulfilling lifestyle and earn the income you deserve. You know you have significant value to offer but struggle to get noticed and hired.

The good news? You’ve been proactive, experimenting and trying new things, gaining insights into what works and what doesn’t—skills not taught in school.

The bad news? Despite working hard, you’re not seeing the progress you need. Navigating a career transition without a clear guide is like traveling without a map.

Let us be honest….

  • Even if you excel in your field, the intricacies of job searching and career planning might be unfamiliar territory.
  • Marketing yourself effectively might be a new and overwhelming challenge.

But the tide can turn right now.

All you need is the right coach pushing you in the right direction so that..

  • Quickly secure the job you want.
  • Boost your visibility and responses from recruiters.
  • Impress interviewers by demonstrating the value you bring and handling any objections.
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for immediate career advancement.


My specialty lies in helping individuals secure jobs, prepare for career advancements, or navigate transitions.

If you find yourself puzzled about how to effectively search for jobs, network, craft your resume, or make a strong impression during interviews, I’m here to assist. Whether you’re aiming for a career shift, seeking a promotion, or additional responsibilities within your current organization, I can provide a structured, step-by-step plan and strategy to help you succeed.

Why should you listen to me?

You may have encountered many other services online, offering resume writing and interview prep, all claiming they can help—if you invest in their services.


  • Experience: I’ve been in your shoes, navigating career transitions and helping colleagues worldwide overcome similar challenges.
  • Expertise: I’ve assisted thousands globally in job searches and career development, conducted numerous job search workshops, and served on boards at various universities and organizations dedicated to matching job seekers with opportunities.
  • Insight: With over 35 years as an HR and Recruiting executive in diverse companies, I understand the mechanics of Applicant Tracking Systems and the nuances of hiring processes. My knowledge extends beyond just finding a job; it encompasses training recruiters on how to evaluate candidates effectively.

You can validate my credentials and past successes on my LinkedIn profile here.

Please check testimonials from some of my recent coachees in the “client stories” section here.

What makes my approach unique?

  • Training in Various Disciplines: I bring a wealth of knowledge from fields like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Graphotherapy, to name a few. This enables me to offer insights into body language, communication strategies, and personal development. Learn more at
  • Deep Understanding of Corporate Dynamics: As a former Chief Human Resources Officer, I have a firm grasp on the corporate ladder’s inner workings and what it takes to climb it.
  • Proven Track Record: The individuals I’ve coached have not only landed jobs but have excelled in their roles within prestigious companies.


Take the first step towards transforming your career by reaching out for personalized coaching. Let’s ensure your next job application puts you at the forefront of every recruiter’s mind.

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