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Why is it so hard to get a job?

Kaushik Nag is a Recruiting leader with 35+ years experience helping hundreds of candidates land their dream jobs and career as a career coach.

Client Stories

When I started my job search last year, I made my status “open to work” in LinkedIn and recruiters started to reach out to me. Since, I live in Michigan, I started getting calls only from Michigan recruiters. Within a few days, I realized that the compensation ranges of those jobs were not competitive enough. I added some random big cities in my search, where compensation was supposed to be higher. But no luck. Then, I reached out to Kaushik for help. He is extremely knowledgeable about how the search techniques work on LinkedIn and other job sites. Based on his recommendations, I made some simple and quick changes to my profile. Next day onwards, I started getting calls from recruiters outside Michigan. Within 3 weeks, I landed a job with my desired position and compensation level, with the ability to work fully remote! Looking back, I am so glad I sought him out as this would not have been possible without his coaching and guidance. Kaushik has decades of experience in recruiting and career coaching. Based on the target position of a candidate, he can precisely guide not only how to tailor the resume / Linkedin profile but also how to land the jobs you are looking for. I highly recommend his services at Career Resume Coach!M Chakraborty

Kaushik is an incredible asset. He has a wide range of experience and skillset that allow him to provide efficient and effective feedback. I appreciate the thoughtful process and approach he brings.M Trombley

The most frustrating part of the modern job search is getting past the artificial intelligence that manages the talent acquisition process. It is difficult to know that your qualifications match a role only to not have your resume float to the top. As I waded through the thousands of job posting on the web, Kaushik provided an honest assessment for how the TA process truly works and how to manage it. Not only does Kaushik provide great advice, he is insightful and helped me understand what I needed to do more of as well as what not to do. Thanks Kaushik!!!G Langenburg

Kaushik guided me through each and every step. I was struggling to make a switch from my current industry to another. His guidance helped me a lot. He walked me through rebuilding my resume and made me realize the value I hold within myself. I can’t thank him enough and will always seek him out for career progression.R Verma

I was looking for jobs in the field of Accounting and Finance for one and half years in MI, without any luck, in spite of having a masters degree in the field. But once i was introduced to Career Resume Coach, I got my resume modified and corrected exactly as it should be for the jobs I was targeting. We think we have a perfect resume, until we have it reviewed through Career Resume Coach. You are able to identify the loopholes, the missing keywords, and the lack of streamlining in your resume which is why your resume doesn’t stand out to the employers! In addition to creating a professional resume I also received extensive and valuable coaching for preparation for interviews, from Career Resume Coach. This helped me tremendously. Within one month, I received multiple job interviews and quite a few job offers. Career Resume Coach has given a huge boost to my career and present day’s success. Resume preparation and grooming for interview both are highly recommended from Career Resume Coach. I have recommended them to friends, colleagues and acquaintances.I Roy

Kaushik is informative and kind. I received excellent information to prepare resume and LinkedIn profile to attract the right job position. Highly recommend!J Unger

I reached out to Kaushik for career advice on how I should transition into a logistics career with a background in Administration but limited experience in that space. His coaching really helped me to focus and determine my career path. Once I was sure of what I wanted to do, he helped me brand myself in the job market properly by helping me to modify my resume and LinkedIn profile. He also coached me on the best strategies and techniques to look for and find the jobs I was interested in. With his guidance, I was able to network with the right people and land the logistics job I was looking for. Looking back, my transition would have been very difficult without his detailed and comprehensive guidance. What I really liked about him was his extensive experience of the market and the recruiting process that allowed him to share with me at every step exactly what I needed to do. I strongly recommend reaching out to him if you need a real career coach who can give you practical tips to be successful in your job search or career.S Ray

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