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How to quickly
get a Job if you
are 50 plus and
laid off

Losing a job after 50 can be financially and emotionally devastating.

Job Search has changed and you may not know what are the best and the fastest ways to get one.

We specialize in helping those above 50 who have been laid off, separated, or are anticipating a downsizing to find jobs quickly by offering specific tools and resources, and personalized guidance at each stage of the job-hunting process to help overcome all challenges including age discrimination.

Why Me?

 > I have been impacted multiple times in my career just like you 

  • And have expereinced and handled the pain, emotional and financial concerns, and challenges first hand

 > Have led the Recruiting function for multiple companies in the past 30 years 

  • And know exactly where and how companies look for and select talent 

 > Have combined the personal Job loss expereince with my long Recruiting Expereince to provide Personalized Coaching for the past 25 years

  • That has helped overcome specifc challenges for people above 50 

 > People I have helped are able to settle back into their desired jobs quickly

  • And are able to get back into the desired financial and emotional state 

How Will You Benefit?

Personalized Coaching in Every Key Area of Your Job Search

Understanding the Situation

  • Helping you understand your Separation or Severance terms

  • Evaluating your situation

  • Assessing your interests

  • Weighing your options

  • Finalizing your desired role

  • Teaching you how to stay motivated

  • Sharing 50 plus job search resources

  • Create a Job Search action plan


  • Creating your value proposition to compete with younger candidates

  • Resume writing and ATS optimization to handle possible age discrimination

  • LinkedIn profile creation and optimization

  • Creation of other Social Media collaterals to showcase your branding


  • Helping you identify the right sources for 50 plus jobs and use them effectively

  • Teaching you how to build messaging and networks for Job Referrals

  • How and where to promote your brand

  • How to use Social media to increase your visibility amongst the recruiting team

Interviewing and Closing the deal

  • Helping you understand what interviewers are looking for at each stage of the process

  • How to research and prepare

  • How to showcase your value proposition

  • How to handle interviewer concerns and objections

  • How to negotiate the offer

A Proprietary Framework To Support You Wherever You Need Help

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