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A recent CNBC study found that more than 50% of older millennials wish they had chosen a different career earlier. 


If your job search is not going well or you are concerned about your future career, I am there to help you. Just book a free consultation with me by clicking the button below. 

** These sessions fill up quickly. Please check back the next day if there aren't any times available.

Here is the simple process we will follow:

1 - During the free consultation session, we will discuss your current situation and any challenges you might be facing related to your job search or career.

2 - We will then discuss a personalized strategy to meet your specific needs. You can get an idea of the different elements of the process here. At that stage, if you feel that you would benefit from my coaching and want to engage further, we will decide on the next steps.

3 - Just like I have helped others before you, my goal is to HELP YOU only in those areas where YOU need help. That is why I keep my fees simple and highly affordable at $100 per hour and do not charge separately for different items such as resume writing, social media profile optimization, writing cover letters, career guidance etc. You determine based on the free consultation what you need and for what time period and frequency - whether it is 30 minutes, 3 months or 3 years is entirely up to you. That way you can benefit from my coaching at a level that works best for you, unlike other coaches who are trying to sell you costly packages.

4. All consultations are via Zoom/Skype and at mutually convenient times.

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